Supported by hardworking professionals, our organization is able to offer a complete range of Twin Parallel Screw Barrel manufactured from high quality material. We work closely with our customers to obtain the best design with maximum buyer satisfaction. A team of specialist continuously does improvement and processing development to improve high productivity and product benefits. These types of spare parts are used in various industries as per their suitability and applications. We are worldwide popular organization for providing user specific products with appropriate modifications.

Twin Parallel Screw Barrel

BR Engineering has world class production technology that provides various mechanical features. We offer different models of this twin parallel screw and barrel so that our clients can choose their exact match requirement. We are also engaged in modification solutions for diameters, length diameters, ratio and material as well.

  • Designed as per international standard
  • Customer specific solutions
  • Made over Nitr-Alloy steel
  • Heat treated by Nitriding and Hard Chrome plated solutions
  • Injection moulding machines
  • Horizontal and vertical type Injection moulding machine
  • Extrusion processing machine
  • Rubber moulding machine
Product Diameter Length
Twin Parallel Screw Barrel 25 mm to 200 mm Up to 4.5 meters
Twin Parallel Screw Barrel 45 mm to 200 mm Up to 4.5 meters