We manufacture the best quality Plastic Extruder Screw Barrel. The design of Plastic Extruder Screw Barrels are such that it gives the proper finishing of the final product i.e. granules the each granule size depend upon the line of the plastic through which it passes. The main function of screw barrels in plastic extruder machine is to maintain the same level of plastic line so that it gives you the exact size & finishing of the granules. We have maintain the same in our screw barrels by our continue research & development. Our main aim is to make the product smoother & finer by our in process screw barrels.


Extruder Machine is the ultimate requirement of any turn key projects the process or products which is pass through this machine can also decide the output or result of the final product so we use the good quality screw barrel.

  • Proper maintenance of granules or size of granules can be maintain trough our screw barrels
  • Suitable for  All types of Plastic Extruder Machine
  • 25mm to 200mm diameter is available
  • Plastic Extruder Machinery / Plants
  • Plastic Processing Machinery
Product Diameter Length
Screw 25 mm to 200 mm Up to 5000 mm
Barrel 45 mm to 200 mm Up to 5000 mm