Multi Layer Extrusion Screw Barrel

Multi Layer Extrusion Screw Barrel

Multi layer extrusion consists of different processing. Different level of operation has been processed through on the product. The layers operations are such that it required the full & free flow so that the final product can get ready on a given cycle time. We have a unique model of Screw Barrel which is easy to use & most suitable in the multi layer extruder machine or plant.

Process design is of our screw barrels are such that it helps the machine & final product to get it optimized.


  • Multi layer operation have been passed through the same screw barrel so materials we used are best in the market & industries
  • Suitable for Multi Layer Extruder Machine
  • 25mm to 200mm diameter is available


  • Multi Layer Extrusion Machine / Plant
  • Plastic Processing Machinery

Product Diameter Length
Screw 25 mm to 200 mm Up to 5000 mm
Barrel 45 mm to 200 mm Up to 5000 mm