Single and twin screw extrusion is utilized for processing a wide range of edible materials for human and pet consumption. Given here are some commonly extruded foods including sausages, processed meats, dough, pasta, cereals, snack foods, candy and animal feeds. BR Engineering Works is listed among the top and leading companies that are producing a wide array of Screw Barrels. The organization came into existence in the year 1984 and it has a goal to provide quality products at economical prices. The hard work and dedication of the company towards its customer is what that has enabled it to make it so far.

food extrusion screw barrel

Nowadays, this organization has a clientele from India and abroad. At present, we have a huge manufacturing area in 30,000 sq. ft and the yield of the company is more than 1500 sets per annum. This company owns the greater part of all types of twin and single screws supplied, which are most demanded by plastic industries. With the course of time, BR Engineering Works has established reputation and it is always known for its high quality and authentic performance of Food Extrusion Screw Barrel. We have a team of well adept workers and experienced engineers, who are always ready to accept new challenges and opportunities.

  • Applicable as barrel head
  • Extruder Machine
  • Plastic processing machinery
  • Injection moulding machine